About Me

What makes me smile? What makes me tick? What makes me laugh? What makes me kick? I have never been one that was so certain on what to say about myself. Anytime that question has come up in the past I drew a blank. Like, question hanging in the air, mouth hanging open as I sputtered um over and over again and eyes staring at headlights kind of blank. I’m terrible with this question. How do you sum up your whole life up to this moment and everything that has happened in it to make you, YOU? There are a million things about me that I could never fit onto this page. So that being said, sit back and enjoy the ride! Because I’m going to try!

It was 1991 and my mother had just given birth to a cute little girl Just so you know, I imagined the sound of a record scratching and stalling out as I came to the end of that line!

Alright, enough playing around. I’m not really going to start that far back. I think the most important parts of my life that have made me who I am all started after the birth of my first child. My son Colton. See up until his birth I was just a normal teenager. Living life, going to school, occasionally getting into trouble and graduating high school. You know the whole spiel. But after high school, whoa boy was I in for a shocker. Having my son has started me on a roller coaster of a ride that I don’t think I will ever get off of.

First having him gave me a little peak into motherhood. And really when I say little, I mean huge! My son may have been the easiest baby in the world but he has certainly put me through the ringer ever since he turned 3 years old. (he is now 6) My son has multiple disorders and has also been through tragedies that most adults have not even been through yet in their lives. While he has gotten all the help he has needed to cope with all these tragedies, I still pray for him all the time that he will continue to handle these events well. I will not go into much about what has happened with him right now because part of why I started my blog is specifically related to his experiences and how I want to help others because of them. Aside from my sons life events, I will say that he has ADHD, OCD, sensory processing disorder and the one that we have not had confirmed yet (he’s still seeing a specialist) Autism. Now we do not think he is full blown autistic. We just think he is on the spectrum somewhere. It also runs in the family so it would not be unlikely for him to have it.

After having my son and having all these difficulties to deal with I have learned so much about disabilities and children that it has opened up my mind to a whole other world out there. Because of it I became a VPK teacher for a brief time so that I could work with young kids and also be near my son. But I didn’t want to work with school age children. I wanted to work with the children that were still new to the world and had bright eyes for learning. I wanted to teach the kids that you could make a first good impression on that they could carry that with them into their school days. Rather than some kids that already walk into their first day of kindergarten not wanting to go. I developed a passion for early education and now I want to share that with the world instead of just a classroom at a time. I also want to use my blog to pass along all the knowledge I’ve gained in helping my son with his struggles along the way. I’ve come to learn some not so conventional things for dealing with an array of things involving kids, disabilities, behaviors and other things along those lines. I feel like this world could get back on track for raising up our new generations if the parents were just informed and able to implement some basic tactics with their children. Maybe then we wouldn’t see such a high rate of children with disorders. Of course, I’m just speculating.

Aside from everything with my son who takes up all my time, I am currently awaiting the arrival of my daughter, Gemma! I am 37 weeks at the time of this post but my doctor says it could be any day given that I just barely made it full term with my first one. And you know what they say, the second comes quicker! Also with this pregnancy I have had a lot of differences from my first. Of course you don’t want to hear all of that right now but I will keep you updated on baby watch! I have been working as a manager for the past 5 years for a company that I am going to leave nameless simply because I sometimes wish I wasn’t associated with them. I am grateful for my position with the company and I have made many friends along the way so I do not fault the company in that way at all. While I’ve learned a lot in my time with the company there are still some things that I do not like about it and I would love to pursue my own dreams than continue a path with them. I enjoy painting even though I have never been any bit good at it. And when I say that, I promise I am not being humble! I really do suck! But I still enjoy it for some reason. I get crafty when I’m able to and I know my way around a thrift store! I love working on projects but find that I don’t have the time more often then naught. I love the outdoors but given where my house is located we tend to stay inside more than I really like.

I’ve started this blog for a million and one reasons! I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head that I want to share with the world but trying to organize everything and be coherent is going to take some work. I think I have a lot to offer my viewers but lets be real here, it’s going to take some time before I am focusing on real, honest content! I need to build my site and following all while I will be trying to adjust to a new baby! So forgive me if my dreams don’t just jump out at you on my site right away! Keep in touch! I’ll get there one day!