From Dust To Diamonds’ Crystal Gems

I am introducing my passion to the world and am ready to share! Up for order or custom make are my special crystal ”gems”!

I make each and every accessory unique in its own right! Each crystal comes out looking different from the last. The end result is no two are the exact same. These crystals are made in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. No two colors are ever the same hue and no shape is ever in exact symmetry as the other. They are special for each person!

First  I use one part science and one part patience to form the crystals. From the formation period I move on to prime and seal the shape and color. Add in some more patience and then it is time to add the chain or other fixtures to finish the piece, making it finally ready for its soon to be new owner! 

I enjoy making these crystals! Its not just a side income to me. Its an actual passion. While I can never fully predict how each crystal will turn out, I do take a little pride in the uncertain beauty of these crystal gems. Each is unique and I am sure others would love them just as much as I do.

I have some crystal necklaces already made and up for sale on my eBay account that you can view by clicking here. but if you would like to have your own made specially you can either leave a comment down below or you can go to our facebook page and send a message by clicking here. Also you can email me at Currently I am only making necklaces and keychains, however, I am currently experimenting with earrings and possibly moving on to bracelets soon. If you want to custom order something please understand that I can only  customize the color and shape and size of the chain. I hope to provide each of you with a great new accessory! Please feel free to message me! Thank you! I look forward to providing you with your next new accessory.

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