Let’s Pray! For Strugglers Like Me!

“Don’t worry about anything: Instead pray about everything.”

-Philippians 4:6



Prayer is the best way to build a relationship with God! Praying is like having a best friend where ever you go! Who wouldn’t want that? God wants us to bring our problems to Him. He doesn’t want us to struggle on our own. He wants to hear it all. All of our happy memories. Our thoughts, our troubles and our worries. He wants you to talk to Him about it all. But if your like me, this is a really hard thing to do. Opening up to someone that you can’t see is a bit difficult.

I struggle with praying! I mean big time! I never remember to pray. I am never certain how to. To be honest sometimes I flat out do not want to. Basically everything about praying is what I struggle with. I know there are a lot of people out there that are probably going through the same thing as I am, so I want to take some time today to help myself and everyone out!

Let’s pray together! OK, we’re not really going to pray together but I do want to share some advice for getting through this rut for all of us. After some soul searching, researching and thinking on it -> here are some of the things that I think will help us all with praying!

It’s not a chore! – Let’s be honest, who hasn’t’ thought of it as a chore before? Or like work? Or just something else to add to our list of things we need to remember to do? I will admit it, I have. I still do sometimes. The only thing I can say to everyone about this is simple : It’s not work! So stop thinking about it as work. We have to think positively about prayer. It is helpful and it is the best way to build your relationship with God and His son Jesus! It takes time to get out of the mindset that it’s just something you have to do but with time and positive thinking you will begin to see prayer in a new light. I promise!

Just do it! – There is no better advice than this. You have to make the conscious decision that you are just going to do it. You will never get over the rut if you don’t take the initiative and simply start!

Stop thinking traditional! – You need to get out of the mind set that you are required to be on your knees or folding your hands every time you pray. Or that you are supposed to do it before bed every night while kneeling next to your bed. Stop worrying about closing your eyes for prayer and having to have all the right words to say. Stop worrying that you need to pray out loud and that others will hear. When you talk to God you do not need to be doing all these things. While it is your choice if you want to, you do not have to! The Lord just wants to hear from you. He does not care if you are at home or driving in the car. You can talk to Him anytime while your doing anything! He listens to you at any given point that you want to talk.

He is your closest friend! – Think of God as your best friend, or your diary, or the pet that you just happen to randomly talk to and tell everything to. Whoever you think of Him as just know that He is your truest and closest friend. When you talk to God, just start talking. You can literally yap away all day and He will still be listening to you! God will be there for you as no one else ever could be. He already knows what is in your heart and on your mind but He simply wants you to come to Him and talk to Him of your own free will. Do not be shy or embarrassed about anything because He already knows about whatever it is but to have you talk to Him is building your relationship and showing God that you trust Him to tell Him on your own! Almost like when your parents already knew what you did that was bad but they were just waiting for you to come clean. You always felt better just letting them know, right? It’s the same with the good things too. You want someone to tell! So tell Him!

Talk about whatever, seriously! – Pray about it all! Whatever pops into your head, just start talking to God. Whatever worry you have. When you are going through a trying time in life or when you have something to be thankful for. He wants to hear it all. Just start talking!

Build the habit!– Once you build the habit – it will come naturally! Just stick with it and eventually you won’t even notice you are doing it. You will be so used to automatically talking to your friend that you may even feel lost at times when you notice you weren’t praying.

So now that I have given you some advice to go off of I would like to leave you with my last 3 tips on how I think we should pray!


How To Pray

  1. Tell the Lord why you are praying.
  2. Tell Him all your thoughts on whatever the subject is.
  3. Ask for help, thanks or praise. (whichever fits the situation) God wants us to come to Him in every situation.

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” 

-Philippians 4:6