The Sibling Breastfeeding Basket

The Sibling Breastfeeding Basket, Keep siblings busy

The Sibling Breastfeeding Basket. Keep Siblings Busy While You Breastfeed!

Nursing is already a challenge, especially in the beginning. Now add siblings to the mix and you have your hands full! You may run into the same problem I did while nursing. My older son constantly wanted to be around me and he always wanted something to do. Before I made him the breastfeeding basket I would just tell him to please go to his room and play while I fed his little sister. That way I knew exactly where he was during the time that I was tending to his sister and we could have our private time as well. This angered my son most of the time. He got to the point where he would whine every time he had to go to his room. He would get mad at how long his sister was taking to eat. He didn’t’ want to be in his room at all anymore.

So I finally came up with making him his own special basket for when I breastfed his sister. I put a lot of the same stuff in his basket that he actually has in his room but just the point of making a special basket just for him and just for when I was feeding his sister made it special to him. It made him feel like I was still thinking about him too.  Older siblings have a hard enough time excepting that there is a new child in the family but I personally think it is even harder when the newborn is breastfed because only mom can provide that service to the little one. So no one else can help. Unless you pump of course but usually if mom is home…why would she need to pump?

Whether you go to a separate room to feed your little one or you have a cover over you, your older child(ren) will still feel like you are not giving your attention to them. So having the basket helps in both situations.

So I put together a list of things that you can put in your sibling basket just to help you get some ideas for your own. Of course choose according to your child’s age and get creative. I am just naming some stuff to help get your mind thinking. But you know your child best and what they like. Choose some things special to them.

 Snack – I always add at least one snack because sometimes those feedings do take a long time.


Silly Putty

Coloring books

Reading Books

Paint and Paper

Small toys

Play Balls

Small Musical instruments

Coloring Supplies

Child’s tablet

Wind-up toys

Dress up clothes.

Another odd idea: Let the older siblings know that it would be a good time for them to get there chores done (if they have any) That way they are using their time wisely as well and not taking away from time that you do have to spend with them later on. It’s a win win!

Any more ideas ? Let me know below!