Makeup Tutorial – Rose Gold Eyes!





I would love to introduce everyone to my close friend Nevada! She will be continuously featured in my health and beauty section showcasing her YouTube makeup tutorials! I love her videos because she is awesome with makeup and her videos entertain me. She keeps things real and funny throughout her tutorials. I tend to find most tutorials boring and I’m clicking out of them before I’ve even finished them but with hers anytime I’m thinking about clicking out she does something or will say something that cracks me up. I like to laugh, so for me, that pulls me back in! I know videos or pictures do not always portray a look as well as real life but let me just say that all the looks she does are AMAZING in person definitely! Check her out and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel so that you can stay up to date with her videos. She is always creating new awesome looks for any occasion!

In case videos do not show up on my blog for any reason ever or you would like to subscribe to Nevada’s channel, you can check out her YouTube channel by clicking this link! Enjoy! Nevada’s YouTube Channel

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