Nursing Basket!

Breastfeeding basket, Everything you need

Nursing Basket!

A nursing basket is helpful in so many ways! Also giving a nursing basket is such a wonderful idea for baby showers!

My nursing basket literally saved my sanity. When you are breastfeeding you are usually stuck in one spot until your baby is done. This can be extremely daunting sometimes. Especially when there is just that one little thing that you want to either keep you busy or help you out during breastfeeding but your stuck with a baby latched onto your breast at the moment so you can’t get it. That is where the nursing basket comes in handy. Have everything you need or want during breastfeeding times right at your hands and in one organized place. Here is a list of the things that I put in my basket and some added things for others benefits!

Added tip before I start my list – I suggest getting a basket or any other container you choose with a handle on it for easy carry around the house. You don’t want to feel like your lugging a box around. Especially if you already have baby in one arm too.

Water- You really can never have too much water during breastfeeding!

Snacks- Trust me, your always hungry and during those feedings you need a little something extra!

Diapers and Wipes – It’s nice to have these handy so you can go straight from feeding to a diaper change in a snap!

Change of outfit for baby- This goes right along with the diapers and wipes. You want an extra outfit for those baby blowouts that are inevitable. Or the spit ups during burpings!

Chap stick- I know some people think that if you are drinking enough water you wouldn’t have chapped lips but I am telling you that in the case of breastfeeding, this usually is never true. You will end up with chapped lips and if your like me you will always notice them right when your feeding!

Hair Ties- My hair is inevitably always in my way- and my babies too! Hair ties are a must for me!

Nursing Cover- For those unexpected visits.

Reusable Breast Pads- Unless you prefer the disposable kind. Either way its always helpful to have extra in your basket for those times when your done feeding and you realize that your pads are soaked. You can quickly change them out.

Nipple Butter- You definitely want to have this on hand for those rough feeding sessions and during those first weeks of breastfeeding when your nipples are still adjusting to being tugged and suckled on.

Travel Size Jar with Coconut Oil in it- This can substitute for the nipple butter but I actually recommend having both in your basket. I use the nipple butter for relief from the pains of breast feeding but the coconut oil I apply once a day to help keep germs and infections at bay. Breastfeeding woman are at risk for mastitis particularly so keeping the coconut oil is a real treat as it contains anti fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Lansinoh Thera Pearl 3 in 1 Breast Therapy Pads- These are great for breast relief!

Hand Sanitizer- I actually do not keep this in my basket and I’ll tell you why. You may agree with me or not on this. I do not like hand sanitizer because it actually will attract more germs than it is killing. Most hand sanitizers leave a sticky residue on your hands which is attracting new germs with each new surface you touch after applying it. I believe that nothing is comparable to just flat out washing your hands with soap and water. I put it on the list though because some people do like it and want to refresh their hands at each feeding.

Hand Lotion- This might not sound like something you need at feedings but during that down time of waiting for your little one to finish eating its nice to pamper yourself.

Burp Cloths or Other Small Towels- I suggest tucking it into your shirt or the bottom part of your nursing bra under your breast on the side that your little one is feeding on because inevitably you are going to get wet from your little one spiting some out here and there. If your like me, you don’t want to have to change clothes at each feeding. So keeping a burp cloth tucked under the breast really is a life saver for me. Also you’ll want burp cloths for burpings!

Blankets: One for Baby and one for ME!- I don’t actually keep a blanket for myself in my basket (that’s too big) but I do try to always remember to keep one wherever I am feeding little one at. I tend to get cold. Also keep one handy for little one as well. Babies tend to get colder a lot faster than we do.

And the most important thing ever!!

ENTERTAINMENT!- You will definitely want entertainment as feedings can be long sometimes. And lets face it, we can only ogle over our babies for so long before we need something more to do. So I recommend any of the following things. Keep a laptop nearby. Have books, newspaper, magazines or notebook and pen in your nursing basket! You might also keep word searches or the adult coloring books that have become so popular now. Whatever your entertainment preference may be just make sure you get it before you start a feeding! You’ll wish you had once your stuck in one spot for a while.