Vicks Vapor Rub for Stretchmarks?

Vicks Vapor Rub for Stretchmarks?

vicks for strech marks

Ok, I am a little nervous about this weeks PINtry for two reasons. One: It is my last week of pregnancy! So who knows what day will be the day my little one decides to come. Or if she even decides to come this week. So with that in mind, I’m nervous that I won’t be able to complete a full, uninterrupted 7 day trial of this experiment. So, hopefully we make it through. Two: The most prominent area that I have stretch marks are on my stomach (which is stretched out to max right now). But that is not the part that concerns me, what concerns me is that the stretch marks that I have on my stomach are from my last pregnancy. And I’ll admit, I did NOT take care of myself that pregnancy at all. I was young and didn’t really think I would get stretch marks but boy was I wrong. I’m small by nature so when I got pregnant of course I got stretch marks. I was stretched to the absolute max. You could of popped my stomach if you got too close to me with a sharp edge I was stretched so taught! So the stretch marks that I have are all really deep and have been there for 6 years now. So I am going to warn ahead of time that this experiment may not be the best one.

Good news? Yes, of course I have some! I will say right off the bat that I had a few small stretch marks on my legs that were from my first pregnancy also that have gone away with vicks vapor rub. Although, that was not part of this experiment.

When I first got pregnant this second time I was having a really terrible time with RLS (restless leg syndrome) and I was searching high and low for something to relieve this annoying symptom that some pregnant woman get. Low and behold I found an article talking about vicks vapor rub alleviating some of the annoyance of RLS. So of course, I tried it. AND IT WORKED! – Thank God! So while I am really not too fond of the greasy type feeling on my legs, at least it is better than having RLS. I have had to use it almost every night of my pregnancy. I am hoping that goes away as soon as I am no longer pregnant.

When I saw a few more pins and articles out there about vicks vapor rub being great for stretch marks it didn’t dawn on me to look at my legs where I’ve already been smearing this stuff to see if my marks were gone until recently. And guess what? They are gone! Of course this is over the duration of roughly 8 months because I know I didn’t’ have RLS the first month of pregnancy and possibly a shorter time frame than that as well because I believe it wasn’t til some time after I first started noticing I had RLS that I discovered what it was and found out about Vicks. So, were going to say 7 months. But that is still great to know that those pesky marks are gone and I didn’t’ even realize I was getting rid of them.

Now that you have had a little background – here is how my experiment is going to go. I am going to follow the most advised method of applying the vicks vapor rub to my stomach once per day or night. I am choosing night for this. Massage it into the affected area. Every time I take a shower I exfoliate the area. That is all. I have been taking pictures daily so at the end of 7 days I can look back on day 1 and see if there is any noticeable difference.

As I’ve already told you my story above: we know it works over a longer time frame and on miner stretch marks but I am now testing the results of a 7 day time frame and on deep stretch marks.

And here are the results! Drum roll please!

vicks vapor rub, stretch marks

You can see that there is not a big difference after only 7 days. But that there IS a difference proves that vicks vapor rub does actually work for stretchmarks. If you look in the first picture (day 1) you can see how deep and pronounced my stretchmarks are etched into my skin. In the second picture (day 7) you can see that while all those marks are still there – they are softened. So with continued use I’m sure I will be stretch mark free. Which will make for a happy me!

Just as a reminder to everyone – Rub vicks vapor rub on any scars or stretch marks daily and exfoliate the area when you shower. Those were the steps that I followed for this little trial. I will suggest to use the vicks vapor rub both at night and in the morning. I only used it right before bed for this experiment but I think I would have had more significant results with usage at night and day but like I said before, I was only following the directions from the original pin. I hope this helps anyone struggling with pesky unwanted marks that are afraid or unsure of what to try to get those marks gone! Just remember that with any marks on your skin, it will take time. There is no miracle anything out there that can take everything away over night. Just be patient and persistent! Good luck to everyone!

Vicks vapor rub for fighting stretchmarks? = Success!


Let me know what you thought of my experiment and of any other PINtrys you want to see in the future!