PINtry! Ok, I know someone has got to be asking what in the world is this woman talking about. It’s really simple actually. I am going to try pins! You know how there is a million pins out there on pinterest for how-to do this or how-to do that but everyone is always skeptical about which ones actually work and which ones don’t? I know I go through pinterest looking for cures to something or a way to do another thing only to come up with 20 answers to my one question and when I read further into each article, the articles will contradict each other. I get so frustrated and mixed up. So I’ve decided to become your “try-it girl” for pinterest!  So every week I will pick one trial project and follow the steps for a full week, keep notes, take pictures (if applicable) and then I will let you all know at the end of the week how much success or what little success I had.

So I need your help! While I already have my own ideas for things to try I need everyone to help me pick ideas for what to try each week. Here’s the conditions for my trials. Follow me on Pinterest and send me the pins and a brief message for the pin trials you want me to try. Whatever I try will have to be something that you can see results within 1 week. I’m sure every now and then I will do “special tries” for things that take longer but lets focus on the weekly goal for now. It will need to be something somewhat simple. Such as, not something that I have to go and spend 50$ on just to try for one week. Or something that will require me to go to another state just to try out the benefits of a natural spring on the bodies skin. Keep it simple, something that you can try in your own home just as you would most likely be doing. Some examples just to get your minds working – A natural detox, a serum that makes your hair grow, a lotion that guarantees stretch marks will be gone or even a new workout that swears your butt will be firmer. Things to that caliber. Simple, at home and results within a week. So let me know your ideas and I can start running through them!

I’m excited for this part of my blog!