20 Somewhat Different Things to do with Kids

spring break

Spring Break is right around the corner! What are you going to do with the little ones? If you don’t already have a vacation planned then here is a list just for you!

  1. Photo shoot! – This may sound silly but I have found that kids really love doing this when you let them be the leaders. Let the kids decide how they want to pose and where. Let them guide the whole thing and they really get into it. If you trust them with your equipment whether it’s your phone or an actual camera, let them take the photos too.
  2. Make a Nature Book – Help kids learn about nature and remember the experience through a fun nature book.
  3. Catch Fireflies – (If you live in an area where they are already around)
  4. Play Skip It
  5. Go to the Park
  6. Color your entire driveway with chalk!
  7. Start your Garden! – It’s that time of year again!
  8. Go to the Library! – Instill the love of reading as early as possible!
  9. Get Crafty! – There are so many crafts out there to do with kids! Find one and get going!
  10. Cook together! – There is nothing better than making a recipe together.
  11. Brush up on your bible stories!
  12. Go fishing!
  13. Go to a beach, river, or lake for a day! – Don’t forget sunblock!
  14. Sign up for a parent/child class together!
  15. Write letters or make crafts and send them to family or friends you don’t see very often.
  16. Go to the zoo.
  17. Build a bird house out of nature. (i.e. twigs, rocks, etc.)
  18. Volunteer somewhere.
  19. Spring Clean! – Go through old toys together and donate them. If your child is feeling down for getting rid of their stuff try having them go through your stuff with you as well and see that you can do the same thing. That way they will not feel like the only ones giving up stuff.
  20. Plan a small party for everyone. It doesn’t have to be costly and you certainly do not have to decorate. Just simply invite over as many people as you’d like and have a few pre-planned activities. Such as crafts, games, a favorite movie, etc. Have a few things to drink and a few snacks for kids and adults. A small thing can really turn into big fun for everyone with little effort on your part!

Any other unique ideas? Let me know below!